Hey Folks 😄

Thanks for checking out Meld!

Here's a quick peek into what the upcoming short-term roadmap is over the next couple of weeks.

  • 🌚 Dark Mode (already mostly done, just needs some polish! 💅)
  • Tag Selecting on new posts (like Development, Design, etc) Comment the tags you'd want!
  • Filter by tags
  • Edit Post (title & body. Unsure about URL atm)
  • Edit Comment (maybe...)
  • Expand user profile
  • Initial "Jobs" board! Let us know if any of you early users want a free job listing 😁

If you have any thoughts or +1's to the above, please let us know 👇

Comments (5)
daniel5 months ago
Sounds like some awesome features are coming :)
evan5 months ago
❤️ thanks!
arix5 months ago
Hey @evan, how about some @ tagging? 😉
arix5 months ago
Actually wait, im pretty sure notifications will be more important
evan5 months ago
yep, definitely going to reprio that